The Power of Branding

Your company’s corporate brand identity is more than just a name, logo, and slogan – it’s a reflection of the personality of your company. Together these elements help to raise the expectations of current and prospective clients, building the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Brand recognition is created through the influences of design, marketing, and public relations. Right Angle will help you create a unique brand identity for your company that will leave a lasting, favorable impression on your target audience.

We make sure the message we create is consistent with your current branding and company philosophy. Or if you need a new brand and a new direction, we help you to create one that will speak to your target market, increase your profits and grow your business.

Create a Lasting Impression on Prospects

At Right Angle our professional graphic designers understand that creating a favorable brand identity is essential to a successful corporate marketing plan, and is often the most difficult to perfect. Developing a strong brand identity requires a careful balance of artistic expression to capture your company’s spirit along with a good marketing strategy that will appeal to your clients.

Our experienced graphic designers and marketing professionals will partner with you to develop a unique personality for your company. We’ll help to identify your company’s strengths and the needs of your target market. We’ll research your industry and the demographics of your clients and prospects. Then we’ll combine this information to create a powerful message that will set you apart from your competition.

At Right Angle Productions we know the power of great graphic design and we know the art of marketing communications. And we know how to make them work together to form a memorable corporate brand identity.