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At Right Angle we know each company is special. We help showcase that individuality.

For nearly 30 years we have partnered with local, statewide and national associations and non-profits to accurately define themselves and successfully communicate with their target audiences.

Please review samples from our vast portfolio of logos, websites and print and online marketing collateral to see how we helped other companies set themselves apart from their competition and win more business.

If you’re ready to define your needs and discover how we will partner with you to effectively market your organization, give us a call or drop us a line. If you still aren’t quite convinced, contact us for a complimentary, one-hour review of your marketing collateral.

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Evening in the Park

When the Rocklin Chamber took over Evening in the Park, a popular summer concert in the park series aimed at the local community, they needed a logo to rebrand the event. We created a fun, bright image that mixed music with nature and was well-received by the community.

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions

A pharmacy benefits manager, Hospice Pharmacy Solutions used a magnifying glass to convey their tagline, "The Clear Choice PBM." They needed a simple company logo that would not overshadow their well-known tagline image but could be used separately. We created a versatile graphic mark highlighting the company's initials.

Lilani Wealth Management

Focusing on the financial needs of professional women, Lilani Wealth Management’s logo displays three women with their intertwined arms forming a W. The logo also forms an abstract lotus blossom, which is often associated with women, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.

Mountain Mandarin Growers Association

The Mountain Mandarin Growers Association needed to update their logo to help brand their association and the newly created Mandarin Trail. It needed to be simple so it would quickly and easily convey their product as people drove by. A bold font and simple illustration in a green and orange frame achieved their goals.

Placer Process Systems

Placer Process Systems wanted their logo to capture the rich history of Placer County, as well as convey the focus of their company. We used a Pelton wheel because it's one of the oldest forms of process systems and was widely used during the California Gold Rush. The hand-drawn wheel and rustic font add to the historic look.


A civil engineering firm, RSC needed a logo that spoke to a select audience of developers and architects. As a graduate of UCLA, the owner wanted the colors to be blue and gold. We created a monolithic logo that represents the ground and sky with abstract initials appearing as roadways.

Community First Bank
Annual Report

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Right Angle worked with Community First Bank’s public relations team and administration to create their annual report. The report highlights key features for the bank, as well as staff members and the board. The actual report includes many pages of financial information which are not included in our sample for confidentially reasons. Right Angle provided design and production for the report, as well as project management services.

CNUCOM Magazine

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After seeing the College of Pharmacy’s inaugural magazine, California Northstate University College of Medicine wanted to produce a similar, quality piece to help get the word out about their new college. We worked with key staff and faculty members to identify and develop articles. We determined which pictures would help showcase their new college, which was still under construction. We brought in a photographer and helped with art direction to ensure a very professional, targeted publication. The end result was a 12-page magazine that effectively helps them market the school to investors and community members.

Rocklin ChamberNews

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Since 2005, Right Angle has partnered with the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce to create a newspaper-style monthly publication for their members and prospects. Along with providing design and production services, Right Angle works closely with the Chamber to determine which articles to include and coordinates with authors, photographers, board members, Chamber staff, the printer and mail house to insure each publication is produced in a timely and professional manner. We also perform all the editing and occasionally write articles.

CNUCOP Magazine

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California Northstate University College of Pharmacy publishes an annual, 32-page magazine for their students, faculty, alumni and key supporters. We work closely with the school’s dean and magazine chair to determine the flow of the magazine. Before starting each issue work with the school and printer to create a timeline that meets or exceeds the college’s expectations, and interface with staff, photographer, printer and mail house to make sure the project stays on schedule. Aside from design and production, Right Angle supplies art direction and editing services.

Placer Process Systems

As one of the first pieces in their marketing plan in 2007, Right Angle created Placer Process’ website, which we continually update. The site required a lot of in-depth research into a technical industry in a niche market. We brought in professional photographers for some of their newer systems and create detailed case studies to help showcase their products. The Home page includes a slide show of their products and services, as well as brief descriptions of some of their more popular systems. Right Angle continues to maintain the site, in addition to providing design, production, writing, research and art direction.

View the website at: http://www.mountainmandarins.com

Quantum Solutions Inc. (QSI)

QSI wanted a website to attract talented electrical design engineers as well as clients. Creating the site on a unique, highly-technical subject required a great deal of industry and company research. We started by bringing in a professional photographer to take pictures of the team in and around the company’s St. Louis area headquarters. We combined them with information about the company’s products and services, as well as the many benefits of being a part of this dynamic team. Right Angle maintains the site, and provided the initial design, production, writing, research and art direction.

View the website at: To get a glimpse into the company, visit the website at http://www.quantumsolutionsinc.com/

RSC Engineering

We started working with RSC Engineering a decade ago when the company was founded. Since then we have update the civil engineering firm’s website a couple of times to keep it up-to-date with the industry. The website colors and stair-step design accentuate the nature of their business, which includes the pavement and everything below it. We provided professional photography of each project highlighted on the site, and used the pictures to emphasize the quality of RSC’s work, including slide shows on the Home and Projects pages. Right Angle continues to maintain the site, and provide design, production, writing, research and art direction.

View the website at: http://www.rsc-engr.com/

Mountain Mandarin Growers

As part of the marketing plan and branding for the Mountain Mandarin Growers' Association, Right Angle created and maintains their website. We combined professional photography with photos supplied by mandarin growers to create several photo slide shows that highlight members. The site includes a map of the Placer County Mandarin Trail along with detailed information about features at each orchard to assist visitors following the Trail. The mobile site contains links to Google maps for each orchard to further assist people following the Mandarin Trail. Right Angle provided design, production, writing, research and art direction for the site.

The site can be viewed at: http://www.mountainmandarins.com

Outcome Resources

When we started work on a marketing plan for Outcome Resources in 2010, we soon realized the website needed to be updated to conform to new standards and the rebranding. We incorporated the company’s colors to keep it consistent with their already established brand, but softened the look to better appeal to their target audience of female hospice professionals. We conducted extensive industry, company and client research and interviews to be sure the text and images accurately conveyed what is unique about the company. Right Angle provided design, production, writing, research and art direction for the site, which is maintained by the client.

View their site at : http://www.outcomeresources.com

Pool Pro

A Rocklin-based pool service, Pool Pro wanted a simple website that would appeal to young professionals in their late 20s to 40s. We created a fun site that is easy to navigate and showcases their 3 levels of service. One of the unique features of the company is their ability to transform green swimming pools into sparkling clean pools, so we highlighted this feature on their Services page. By working closely with their owners we knew the company had a sister site that provides lawn care services, so we tied the two together to cross-market services. Right Angle provided design, production, and writing services for the site as well as choosing the stock art.

The site can be accessed at : http://www.poolproca.com/